Clinical Trials

A clinical trial (also called a clinical study or research study) is designed to determine if a new drug or treatment will work on a disease or will provide a benefit to patients. Clinical trials allow doctors to gain information about the effectiveness, side effects and uses of new drugs as well as find new applications for existing drugs. Clinical trials are a vital component in expanding treatment options for people with all types of cancer and blood disorder. Some people think that clinical trials are only a last resort after all other cancer treatments have been tried. But clinical trials can often be a good way to begin your treatment.

There are many benefits to participating in a clinical trial. You will be provided high-quality care, you may be one of the first patients to experience positive results from a new therapy, and your participation will contribute to the knowledge of cancer and blood disorders. If you have been diagnosed with cancer or a blood disorder, we urge you to consider participating in a clinical trial.

Pacific Cancer Medical Center, Inc. offers a wide variety of clinical trials for many different types of cancer and blood disorders. We believe that it is important to offer patients the opportunity to participate in these trials within their own community. We are a private practice in Orange County conducting clinical trials for oncology and hematology. We have a dedicated research team, who have more than ten years’ experience in conducting clinical trials and more than twenty years’ experience working with cancer patients.

If you need more information about what a clinical trial is or whether or not you might be eligible for a study, Please contact our office at (714) 999-1465 ext. 230.

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